2014-07-01 11.01.55          It has been a very long time since I have shared with our online community! To put you all at ease, I will give you a quick update about our lovely Mama cow. She has become my favorite member of the farm. Really, I love that cow. We decided (I guess it’s more like I decided) after that trying experience with Mama cow, that I couldn’t bear to sell her off. So, we made a deal with our good friends to make her ours, permanently. A couple weeks after she started improving, her attitude and body condition were making leaps and bounds in the right direction, and she was actually stimulated by her miscarriage to come into milk.

I couldn’t believe, that this poor, sick looking little cow was taking the resources we were pouring down her throat, and turning them into milk, instead of making up all that fat and muscle she lacked. Since she was getting fed as much as she could eat, and steadily gaining weight, I decided to keep milking her. After all, at first she was only giving us a cup or two of milk a day. This trickle of milk steadily grew to four cups, then six, and at her peak production during the summer, she was giving us nearly a half gallon of beautiful fatty milk every day. After such a struggle, and feeling knocked down at every turn, it really seemed like her sudden productivity as a result of our drastic management changes was a sign that the tides were changing, and as we would soon find out, they were. 2014-07-01 11.01.42


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