SO, today I would like to address the ladies in the audience. I’ll also warn you that I’ll be using some more blunt or ‘grown up’ terms, and possibly even a few crass nick-names like hoo-ha, to lighten the mood. Or because I’m not as up tight as I like to make most people think.

As environmentally contentious females, the topic of handling one’s period in a earth-friendly and lady-part-friendly manner is a tricky one. The mainstream method for dealing with Aunt Flo is not only expensive for the individual, it is also an enormous waste burden for Earth’s population as a whole.  The synthetic materials that pads and some parts of tampons made of, remain in landfills for long after the red dawn passes, and many would argue that they aren’t the greatest for our health either. ‘Super Absorbent’ tampons are known to not only absorb the period related fluids, but also a woman’s regularly occurring vaginal fluids. This causes the tampon to swell a great deal larger than necessary, press against the vaginal wall and adhere to the mucus membrane, while the pressure of this obstruction reduces blood flow to the surrounding tissue. None of these effects are particularly good for the health and happiness of anybody’s puss.

If you want to avoid all the ‘fun’ surrounding tampons, your other option is to sit in a sticky, stinky diaper of uterus juice all day, also known as a pad. My feelings towards pads (the method I’ve always used until this year) prevent me from wanting to deal with the hassle and unimproved yuckiness of washable pads. The other method that has come into vogue, for handling one’s period in a more sustainable manner, is the diva cup, and many people seem to love it. Honestly I should probably try it some time so I can give a good comparison, but I always felt that they seemed like they’d be a bit hard to place and hard to remove without spilling one’s period on the bathroom floor. That being said, many, many women love and swear by them. I know, you must be getting impatient to know what I swear by. Well, without further adieu, I will reveal my personal favorite: the age old sea sponge. They are soft, easy to place, easy to clean, super affordable, and overall far more convenient than the conventional methods of period management. Honestly, once it is placed and if it is placed properly, you can’t even feel that it is there. I admit that I have a fairly easy going, light period, but from what I understand it works well for women of varying PMS ferocity. The sponge need only be removed about every four hours and washed in running water. No soap allowed, wring it dry, and then back to work it goes. Women with heavier periods may need to remove and rinse more often, and women with light periods can get away with being a little forgetful or busy, as long as it is attended to it a few times a day. We’re all grown ups here, I’m going to assume that we know we need to take care of our own personal hygiene if we want to be healthy so I’ll leave it at that.

One objection that many women seem to have, is that this method requires much more contact with one’s period and lady parts. Honestly, it’s your body, and your waste.  If you are fairly sanitary about things it will not hurt you. If you don’t feel comfortable touching yourself, maybe you should get freedom from that. It’s not a sin to attend to one’s own health maintenance.

As far as caring for the sponge itself, it’s recommended to soak it in a bowl of water with a few drops of tea tree oil after your period is over, let it dry completely, and store in a dry clothe bag. You can purchase sea sponges for period use in several sizes, for about as much as a pack of pads, and they can last up to a year or two depending on how they’re cared for. I’ve also heard others say that the sponge allows them to get busy with their hubby while on their period, so if that’s something you want to be able to do, that’s cool. Personally, I feel that abstinence makes the heart grow fonder, and I’d rather just wait the few days.

So hopefully I’ve given ‘yall something to think about, and hopefully I haven’t disturbed you to the point of not wanting to visit our blog anymore. If any of you ladies have any awkward personal questions pertaining to this topic feel free to message me on the Dandelion Dreams Facebook page. If you get creepy I’ll just block you 🙂 Cheers!


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