As you know, Nicholas has been building a Permaculture design consultancy this year, but what we couldn’t have foreseen, was how it would facilitate an opportunity of a lifetime. January 2013, almost a year ago now, we had driven up to Washougal, to do an interview/property walk-through with a potential client. The client was a long time friend of Nick’s parents, who had given him our contact information when he had expressed an interest in turning one of his properties into a working farm. We ended up spending almost a whole day out at his Washougal property, and seemed to hit it off quite well. We went home, assured that he would be contacting us in May, about doing a property design, and possibly about doing some other odd jobs with his current property manager. Nick and I were excited about the potential work, and the new contact we had made, but we definitely didn’t anticipate what the new connection might bring.

May arrived, and I had all but forgotten about the promise of work in Washougal. You see we had just brought the cow back from the brink, and been struggling to care for a doe who had had birthing issues. We were getting into the swing of bottle feeding a new baby goat, and hoping things would start to take a turn for the better, when we received and unexpected email. It was Ted, the gentleman we had interviewed with a few months previous. His email simply said:

“Nick, the purpose of this email is to see if you and your wife would like to move to my ranch. I wanted to inquire with you before I start a wider search.

I had to let my last guy go do to lack of performance. Basically he did nothing over the last three months.
I realize you have many things going and you may not want to move out of your in-laws place.
If you are interesting in discussing this further please email me back.
¬†Initially my response was to feel flattered that he thought highly enough of us to want to have us around, but I didn’t really give the job much consideration. You see I thought he was just looking for a work/rent exchange which we already had, and it was nearer to all of my trimming clients, and my family, and my friends. But a small nagging part of my brain was humming that this was going to happen, and I could either fight it or embrace the opportunity for growth. Nicholas didn’t push the issue. He knew how hesitant I would be to leave everything familiar behind. Honestly I think I surprised him when I admitted that I thought we needed to take the offer seriously and get more details.
Over the next week, we felt God’s hand guiding us towards this opportunity. One of my trimming clients wanted to do a work trade for a two horse trailer, which she said we could take home right away. My back was feeling the strain of trimming more with every horse, and I knew that I wouldn’t mind having to let my business go for now. The only thing that remained to find out, was what the deal actually entailed. Nick and I discussed different numbers, how much we would need in order to say yes to the offer. When the call came in, it was better than we had expected, and we felt pretty certain that we knew what we wanted to do. So, we moved to the ‘Shoug; and life has been nonstop ever since.

2014-07-01 10.58.48
Our new home.

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