Rabbitry Management A-Z


Contact us for more info or to sign up for our hands-on class in raising and butchering rabbits for a home-grown source of meat. In our course we share our personal experiences, and what has worked for us in our rabbitry over the years; the things that we have learned to help us avoid heart ache and loss. Let our learning experiences help you to avoid the failures and waste we had to endure as beginners. In this course we will discuss breed selection, rabbit housing, watering systems and feeders, nutrition, breeding, and seasonal considerations.


At the end of the instruction period, there is an optional hands-on demonstration of how to butcher meat rabbits, and if you choose to take part in this section of the course, you will go home with a fully procesed rabbit, ready to cook. Participants can opt-in or opt-out of any part of the butchering process based on what they feel comfortable tackling. If you do not wish to raise rabbits for meat, but would like the information on rabbitry management, that is perfectly alright too! We want to make our course a fun and valuable experience for anyone interested in owning rabbits.

Summer 2016